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About Our Store

Bearing Precious Seed (BPS) is a missionary support printing ministry of First Baptist Church in Milford, OH dedicated to providing God’s word free of charge to missionaries and national pastors all over the world.  Since 1973, BPS has printed and given away over 200 million copies of Scripture in 65 languages and distributed in over 130 countries.

BPS is not a business, but a non-profit Bible-printing ministry of the church, supported both financially and physically by like-minded Christians.  BPS is fueled by the belief that the Great Commission which was given to the church to preach the Gospel and teach all nations is still relevant today. Over 95 percent of our printing capacity is devoted to serving those ministry efforts abroad and for people who in most cases would otherwise never have a copy of God’s Word. The other 5 percent supports additional outreach ministries and provides an opportunity (on a limited scale) to purchase Bibles for those in this country wishing to have God’s Word printed and labored over by the local church.

We are not a bookstore and we do not compete with commercial manufacturers for sales of a product. The printing done here is by those who have a heart for the local church printing ministry. The labor to assemble all Scripture is done by volunteers in churches all over the United States through our Seedline ministry as well as volunteers from our own church, Christian families, homeschool groups, Christian school groups, church groups etc.  These dedicated individuals travel here with a desire to help. Hands-on participation by God’s people is an integral part of this ministry and the joy of seeing families, including children of all ages involved in Scripture assembly is beyond measure.

Please understand: we make every effort possible to ensure that God’s Word is treated with the respect and reverence it deserves; however, with the amount of volunteers required to assemble and give away over 10 million copies of Scripture annually, mistakes can sometimes occur during the process.  Although God’s Word is perfect, we are not. Our online selection of Bibles are sold at cost and are priced to be a blessing to those who desire to own a Bible printed by the church. Our only desire is to be obedient to God’s commission given, which is why we exist, not to be compared with the secular commercial printing companies who see God’s Word only as a product to be sold for profit.