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  • Our goal for NBPM is $300,000. This is the amount necessary to purchase paper to print Bibles and New Testaments to fulfill the requests of missionaries for 2017.

  • Meeting these Scripture needs will require 15 truckloads of paper, containing 32 rolls per truck. That’s a total of 480 rolls of paper. The average roll of paper weighs 1,300 pounds, so that means we would need over 624,000 pounds of paper. Each truckload of paper costs an estimated $20,000. We are begging God for a miracle and asking Him to supply the funds through His people. Bearing Precious Seed is inviting Christians all across America to join us on some level, enabling us to purchase the 448 rolls of paper (at approximately $625 per roll) needed to complete these requests.

  • Everyone can participate in National Bible. It is amazing how much can be accomplished when everyone gets involved at some level. Churches can participate. Materials are available for churches desiring to get their people involved. We have written special Sunday school curricula for adults, teens, and children for use during National Bible Publishing Month. Each lesson is designed to enhance understanding about Scripture publishing. Posters, bulletin shells, coin folders, and offering envelopes are provided at no cost to help promote your NBPM. Individuals can also participate in NBPM by giving a one-time love offering of $10, $50, $100, or even ($625) which purchases a roll of paper. Bearing Precious Seed has committed to print the Scriptures as requested by the missionaries to help them go through this Open Door of opportunity. What will you do in helping others get God's Word?

  • The theme for this year’s National Bible Publishing Month is “The Prevailing Word of God.” Today, billions of people all over the world sit in spiritual darkness with no direction, no hope, and no light, because they have no copy of God's Word. While this fact could be disheartening, we know of missionaries desiring to give the truth, but simply lack the Word of God in the heart language of the people. With your help, we want to use this year’s NBPM offering to buy paper and to print Bibles and New Testaments for the following countries: Peru, Scotland, Papau New Guinea, and East Africa. By providing Bibles in the language of the people, we can partner with missionaries in reaching people for Christ.

  • With the typical roll of paper producing 400 Whole Bibles or 1,800 New Testaments, can you imagine what 448 rolls of paper could produce for the cause of Christ?

  • Statistics teach us that each Scripture distributed in a third-world country will be read by seven people on average.

  • Every penny raised for National Bible Publishing Month is used to purchase paper to print Bibles and New Testaments. No funding is used for promotion, postage, salaries, or even ink; everything is used for the purchase of paper.

  • Yes! Although a single quarter may not seem like much, but added together they can make a big difference. For every coin folder filled with quarters, at least two Bibles or five New Testaments can be printed. That means for every ten quarters received, Bearing Precious Seed can provide a Bible to someone who does not own a copy of the Bible in their language. That is a difference worth making!

  • No, all of the material developed for National Bible Publishing Month is provided at no cost to the churches.

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